Our Services

Accounts Receivable

·        Prepare invoices for clients

·        Record customer payments and deposits

·        Review Accounts Receivable on a monthly basis with management

Accounts Payable

·        Enter vendor invoices and process bill payments

·        Reconcile Accounts Payable

·        Track invoices and payments by vendor


Budgeting and Forecasting

·        Aid management in preparing budget

·        Monitor cash flow

·        Compare budget to actual performance



·        Reconcile bank

·        Reconcile Credit Cards



·        Process all time sheets

·        Produce payslips

·        Reconcile PAYG

·        Track annual & sick leave

·        Annual reporting


Other Services

·        Prepare & lodge BAS & IAS

·        Prepare Profit & Loss Statements

·        Prepare Balance Sheet

·        Secretarial services

·        Coordinate audit and tax return preparation for your Tax Agent

·        Clean-up past BAS lodgements

Accounts Receivable

GBM Bookkeeping will prepare all of your clients’ invoices, check accuracy of the charges and distribute the invoices to your clients. We will record all receipts from your clients, send out monthly statements and any letters that slow payers require.

We will notify you of any potential problems with your clients so that appropriate action can be taken.


Accounts Payable

We will enter all of your supplier invoices, process your payments, and reconcile each account every month. When we enter the invoices we will ensure that they are allocated to the correct expense account and all GST 

is claimed.



We will process all of your deposits and payments for your bank accounts and credit cards. We will allocate all of your income to the correct income and expense codes and ensure the correct allocation of GST.

We will reconcile each account to confirm that they balance with the bank statements.



The payroll is processed from the employee time sheets. We check all pay rates and allowances and notify 

you of any changes to awards.


We calculate all PAYG and superannuation payments. We will then prepare the monthly/quarterly 

superannuation returns.


All annual leave, sick leave and RDO’s are calculated.


At the end of each year we produce your Pay As You Go Summaries for your staff and Workers Compensation Annual Returns.


Budgeting & Forecasting

From the information gathered from the above processes we will prepare actual results compared to budgeted results and highlight possible areas of improvement.


We will then update cashflow forecasts to give you a better picture of your cash position in the coming 



Other Services

As registered BAS Agents (Registration No. 86642001) we are licenced to prepare and lodge all of your 

Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements.


At the end of each period (monthly or quarterly) we will prepare a Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet 

so you are fully informed of your current business position. From this we are able to report on Gross Margins, Nett Margins and KPI’s.


At years end we will liaise with your auditor and/or Tax Agent to coordinate the preparation of your Audit and Tax Return.


We also offer a Secretarial Service for all of your typing needs.


One of the main reasons that business comes under notice of the Tax Office is that BAS returns are not 

lodged. As time goes on they get further behind and the Tax Office threatens action. When this situation 

arises it becomes not only overwhelming but also embarrassing.

We specialise in cleaning up BAS lodgements that are well overdue. It is not worth losing your business for 

not lodging your past BAS returns, we can do this.